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    • Why Does Gary LeVox From Rascal Flatts Trust Our Team?

      Why Does Gary LeVox From Rascal Flatts Trust Our Team?

      Recently we were fortunate enough to land an endorsement from one of our favorite musicians: Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts.

      You can hear everything Gary had to say in the full endorsement above, but one thing that stood out to us was the connection he made between his music and what we do.

      “Ever since “I’m Moving On” hit the radio, it’s been very cool hearing from our fans personally how this song helped them get through the hard times. Moving across the street or across the country can be very stressful too. But it doesn’t have to be. You’ve got a great agent right in your backyard who can make it easy and virtually stress-free.”- Gary LeVox

      “Our team always strives to make things simple and stress-free.”

      Gary got it absolutely right. Our team always strives to make things simple and stress-free for our clients. If you’re moving on, we can help.

      If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    • You Can Make a Difference for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

      You Can Make a Difference for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

      Hurricane Harvey has caused a great deal of destruction along our coast.

      Now, following the devastating storms that have hit our state, many people are wondering how they can aid those who’ve been affected.

      First of all, there are many different organizations that are collecting relief effort funds. The mayor of Houston, himself, has begun collecting funds at the Great Houston Community Foundation. GoFundMe and the Salvation Army are both also accepting donations.

      There are also ways you can aid those affected through non-monetary means. Blood donations are needed at the American Red Cross, and AirBnB has opened up an urgent accommodation site that allows you to open your home to those who may have lost theirs.

      Area food banks, too, are accepting donations of food and money.

      “These relief efforts are truly saving lives.”

      This certainly is not a comprehensive list of the ways you can help. We merely wanted to provide you with a starting point. However, for a more complete list of ways to aid those affected, simply click here.

      Finally, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to those who have already given their time and effort to this cause, and especially to those who have risked their lives in doing so.

      We appreciate the resources, time, and money given by so many of you, already,  to those in need. These relief efforts are truly saving lives. In this time of great hardship, please keep those affected in your thoughts, prayers, and daily efforts. May God bless Texas.

      If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    • 9 Ways to Cut Energy Costs This Summer

      9 Ways to Cut Energy Costs This Summer

      If you’re looking to cut energy costs for the summer season, here are nine useful methods that will save you money without sacrificing comfort:

      1. Plug any holes you may have in your house. Use plastic film on any drafty windows or just replace them if you have the budget, as leaking air is one of the biggest ways energy gets sucked out of your house and costs you money. Foam and caulk any other problem areas you see, like gaps around your doors and windows and around your outlet plates.

      2. Close the shades. Anything that keeps the sunshine from coming directly into your house will help lower your energy costs.

      3. Keep your filters clean. You should check your AC filter at least once a month to make sure it’s clean and you should be replacing it as necessary. This way your air conditioner isn’t working twice as hard to circulate cool air throughout your house.

      4. Program your thermostat. If you aren’t home, you obviously don’t need it to be as cool as when you’re there, so feel free to raise the temperature a little bit. Only about half of all people actually take advantage of their programmable thermostat, which is unfortunate because it’s a cheap and effective way to reduce energy costs. Also, overhead fans can circulate and cool air a lot more cheaply than a low thermostat, so don’t forget to use them if you have them or install a couple to help keep your air just how you like it.

      “If you aren’t home, you obviously don’t need it to be as cool as when you’re there.”

      5. Unplug, unplug, unplug. Computers, TVs, mobile devices, and any other devices such as these that are plugged in can use up energy while they’re not in use. Unplug them when you don’t use them and you’re not around so they’re not drawing energy while you’re not there.

      6. Cut back on oven usage. Using a grill or outdoor cooktop instead will reduce the amount of heat being generated in your house.

      7. Turn down the thermostat on your water heater. Lowering the temperature from—say—130 degrees to 115 degrees can save you around $50 a year, which can add up over the long term.

      8. Get your HVAC tuned up. Don’t ignore your air conditioner until something goes wrong with it, because if it malfunctions when it’s 100 degrees out in San Antonio, you’ll want someone to fix it right away, and it will probably cost you a lot of money to get that done.

      9. Upgrade your systems.This means things like changing your light bulbs and replacing major appliances like your refrigerator, washer, or dryer. If and when you do, make sure you check out the energy efficiency rating of these items before you buy another so its replacement has a higher rating.

      If you have any questions about cutting summer energy costs or you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the San Antonio market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be glad to help you.

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