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  • Headline: A look at some cool new trends in home design and construction

Headline: A look at some cool new trends in home design and construction

Home design is always changing, with fresh ideas offering interesting new options for the look and feel of a home. Here are a few trends that have been particularly popular in recent years.

Indoor-outdoor space
Many homes are now designed so that a common area in the interior of a home—such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room—can flow right into an outdoor space. This not only brings more light to a space, but also makes the room feel much larger, and is great for parties and entertaining.

Super kitchens
The kitchen has always been the hub of a home. No matter how big or small, the kitchen is where everyone congregates at a party or family gathering. With that in mind, a spacious open kitchen, complete with a large island and seating, makes it and even better place to gather. A large kitchen island also offers more space for storage or food prep.

Home theater
Having a comfy place to watch TV has always been desirable, but advances in technology with flat screen TVs and projectors have made home theaters more affordable than ever—not to mention the quality is better. Even 60-inch TVs now come with a relatively low price tag, so there’s more room in your home theater budget for furniture and a quality sound system.

Dual-use homes
It’s becoming more and more popular for multi-generational families to live together. A dual-use home has more than just extra bedrooms and bathrooms—you might have an extra kitchen or family room, so that everyone can have enough space to enjoy themselves.

Headline: Five websites for DIY inspiration

Taking a do-it-yourself approach to your home decor can not only save you a ton of money, but can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are five sites that offer great ideas for DIY projects.

1. has been around since 2007 and is the web’s most popular resource for DIY projects. You’ll find tutorials, inspiration galleries, photo home tours, and more.

2. specializes in rustic, industrial, and (you guessed it) masculine DIY ideas. You’ll learn how to build shelves from old belts and 2x4s, or make a desk out of an old door.

3. is a great site if mid-century modern is more your style. You’ll get some tips on how to capture that Mad Men look.

4. combines the DIY spirit with important home maintenance tips, and even reminds you when you need to complete a task, like replacing smoke detector batteries.

5. is perhaps the most complete online DIY resource. It has illustrated instructions and complete materials lists for hundreds of projects. The handier you are, the more useful this site will be.

Headline: A guide to Facebook lists

Did you know you can create lists to keep in touch with your favorite people on FB? We have all wondered why we see posts from some people and never from others.

Well, Facebook is doing its best to show us what it thinks we want to see and who it thinks we want to keep in touch with. But what if they are wrong? What if you want to see what all the soccer parents are up to? Or what if you just want your family members in your newsfeed? We want to share a little known tool that may just change the way you spend your time on Facebook. Lists are a great way to create groups of friends to see and keep in touch with.

Go to your home news feed and in the left column you will see a “friends” button. Click on “friends,” and on the next screen you will see a “Create list” button. Click on that and start grouping your friends. When you create these lists you then click on your favorite ones and only see them in your news feed.

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