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Answering All the Questions You’re Afraid to Ask During a Home Tour

Have any questions on what the proper decorum is for buyers touring a home? Here are your answers. Q: “Should I take my shoes off?” A: Typically, you should discuss this with your Realtor before you enter the house. Many times, the home seller will request this specifically in the home showing instructions. Of course, if it’s rainy or wet outside, it’s a good idea to do this out of common courtesy. Q: “Can I use the bathroom?” A: Typically, yes. If you’re looking at houses all day, you’ll inevitably need to use the bathroom. Try to leave it as it was before you got there. Q: “Is it okay to bring in my coffee?” A: Sure! If you have a coffee cup that has some sort of lid on it, I don’t see any issues with that. If you bring in an open container and you have kids running around you, that’s probably not a good idea. You don’t want to spill on someone else’s floor and leave a mess for them to clean up. “Respect the seller’s house as if it was your own.” Q: “Can I peek into the closet? A: Absolutely. You can peek in all the closets, just don’t look into any drawers. All the rooms should be viewable, and you should be allowed to open any doors to see what kind of space the area behind them offers. Q: “Can I take a selfie?” A: Taking a selfie with a piece of furniture may be funny or good for some laughs on social media, but I don’t advise doing it. You don’t want to post someone else’s stuff on social media because they might get upset about that kind of thing. These days, a lot of sellers have hidden cameras placed throughout their house, so you’ll probably be on camera going through some houses, and your audio may be heard as well, so be careful what you say and do. A good rule of thumb is to respect the seller’s house as you’d want your own house to be respected. Q: “Can I plop down on that chaise lounge?” A: See my previous answer. You want to respect another person’s house and their belongings the same way you’d want yours to be respected. If you have any other questions about home tours or you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in our market, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’d love to help you.
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