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6 things you can do to be more productive this year


(BPT) – Time. You never seem to have enough of it. Whether it’s work, family commitments, your kids or your spouse, there’s always someone or something that needs your time. And imagine the chaos if you were to actually want a little time for yourself as well.

You can’t create more time, but you can ensure you make better use of the time you have. To help you be more productive this year, Hyatt Place Seamless Travel Series productivity expert Lindsey Pollak offers these tips.

* Wake up earlier. Yes, it’s that simple. Waking up 30 to 60 minutes earlier gives you a great jump-start on your day. You can exercise, catch up on email or just relax in this newfound peace and quiet. Just don’t forget to go to bed earlier at night to ensure you’re awake to enjoy the morning.

* Make a plan. Even the busiest of days will flow more smoothly if you are following a predetermined plan and schedule. So before your next busy day, week or season, take time to jot down a list of everything you have to do. You’ll be more efficient in accomplishing these tasks and you won’t waste time panicking about how you’ll complete it all.

* Decide which decisions you’ll make. Research has shown that the more choices you make during the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain. Eliminate routine decisions whenever possible by having the same breakfast each morning, putting out your clothes the night before or parking in the same space each day, for example. By cutting these decisions out of your daily itinerary, you’ll be saving brain power for the truly important choices.

* Delegate. You aren’t afraid to ask for help at work, so why not speak up at home? Ask family members to help you complete household projects or hire someone to help you maintain the yard, run errands or do the shopping. Any assistance you receive will save you time for other responsibilities.

* Optimize your life on the road as well. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, you still want to be as productive as possible. Hyatt Place hotels help multitasking travelers stay productive on the road, offering free WiFi, free hot breakfast, a 24-hour gym and more. To help you have a seamless travel experience from start to finish, Hyatt Place brings you the Seamless Travel Series, teaming up with leading travel experts to offer advice on travel, style, technology and health.

* Be selective in what you commit to. Want to do more in 2015? Start by saying no. Life pulls you in all different directions, and every request you commit to eliminates time you could spend doing something else. Instead of committing to everything offered to you – including the things you don’t really want to do – don’t be afraid to say no. You’ll be more productive when you can focus on the few things you actually want to do.

You can’t turn back time or make more of it, but by implementing these productivity tips, you can make the most of it. So go out and get ready for a productive 2015, and remember, time is ticking.

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